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To place a new parking reminder, you simply click once on a map. In addition, ParKing will automatically show you your current location. Once you have placed a new parking reminder, ParKing will automatically try to add georaphic information to your parking, such as address, city and etc.

With automatic parking, you don't need to manually mark where you parked your car.
When you activate automatic parking, ParKing will detect when your mobile device disconnects from your car's bluetooth device and automatic parking will be saved.

In case you have a limited parking time,
ParKing offers you the option to add a time reminder to your parking. You will be notified when your parking time is about to end. No more parking tickets!

ParKing offers multiple navigation options to your parking place:
- Use you favorite navigation app: Google Maps, waze
- Use a built it map with your parking place marker
- Use a built it compass car finder to guide to to your car


ParKing is above all a simple and elegant app.
Beneath this simple and elegant hood, we have quite a handfull of neat features. Read more below about it.

100% FREE

ParKing is offered on the market free of charge. 
That's right, free of charge!

In many cases you park your car indoors where GPS signal and reliable location might not be available.
In those cases, ParKing offers you a parking reminder in a form of a camera photo.
Simply attach a photo to your parking and use it as a reminder for your parking place.

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