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Yes! and it is very easy! Just follow these steps:

- Install any other navigation app. For example: MAPS.ME, Waze.

- Reset your phone's default navigation app:
On some android versions prior to 6.0:
Settings >> General >> Apps >> Reset default apps >> Press "Clear" on the default navigation app
On android versions after 6.0:

Settings >> Apps >> Reset app preferences (Three dots option menu in the top right corner)

NOTE: Usually "Google Maps" is defined as the default navigation app, but it can also be any other navigation app that you have previously installed on your phone. 

- Now when you press the "blue arrow" navigate button in ParKing app,
you will be offered to select which navigation app to use.


- Select the navigation app you installed in the first step, and that's it!


Can I use ParKing with an OFFLINE map or another navigation app?

- On the main screen of the app press the "Auto Park" button. A new screen with settings will be launched.

- If your Bluetooth was turned off, you will be asked to turn it on. This is necessary for automatic parking detection.

- Set the "Auto Park" switch on the top of the screen to "On".

- Select the Bluetooth device of your car from the "Device drop-down menu".
NOTE: your phone needs to be already paired with the Bluetooth device of your car for it to appear in the "Device drop-down menu".

- Select when you would like the app to confirm the parking location with you. You can select, always, never, or according to GPS accuracy (e.g. notify me only when the accuracy is bad so I can make sure the location is correct).

- You can optionally add exceptions to automatic parking notifications.
For example, if you park everyday at home and wouldn't like to be notified about it, you can add an exception zone for your home by pressing the plus button and defining your zone.

- Click on the approve button, and that's it! On the next time that your phone will disconnect from the defined Bluetooth device, parking will be saved automatically!

How do I park automatically?

How do I park manually?

- On the main screen of the app press the "Park" button. A new screen with a map will be launched.

- On the map you can see your "current location marker" and a "car marker".

- Press anywhere on the map to place your "car marker".

- Press on the approve button, and that's it! Your parking was saved.

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